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LATEST NEWS UPDATE – 21TH February 2024

Please be aware that GOODWOOD opens for entries at 8am on FRIDAY 23RD FEBRUARY. This event sells out very, very quickly (within 2 hrs previously!). So if you want to enter then be on your device as close to 8am as possible. The event is organised by Brighton & Hove Motor Club. The entry form does not show us as a separate class so enter the class that fits your car. If we have five entries or more they will create one for us when it comes to the final instructions and paddock layout. There are no unusual requests on the form. .

LATEST NEWS UPDATE – 13TH February 2024

Aintree – Round 10 of our championship on 31st August is now open for entries. We now have our own separate class, Class 17

Mallory Park on the 24th March is also now open for entries. Please note: this is not part of our championship. Our Mallory Park round is on 23rd June and is not yet open for entry. However, members are encouraged to use this as an early season “warm up” event and a chance to practice at a venue that has not been available for a number of years. We are not listed as an invited club, but the Welsh Association of Motor Clubs is and as this is our regional association NHSC members are therefore eligible to enter.

LATEST NEWS UPDATE – 9TH February 2024

National Historic Speed Club is pleased and indeed honored to announce the appointment of three new Honorary members, Don Wales, Philip Porter and Christopher Tate.

Don is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE and the nephew of Donald Campbell CBE and himself holds a World Land Speed Record, two American National Records, a Guinness World record for the fastest lawn mower and has broken 8 UK Land Speed Records with Bluebird Electric.

Philip is best known for having created Porter Press International, which is now one of the world's leading motoring publishers. Less well known perhaps is that he competed in hillclimbs and sprints while still at school, winning 10 of his 12 events in 1970 in his full-race Sprite.

Christopher is a Council Member of MSUK and current Chair of the Safety Committee. He has served in a number of capacities over many years and has always had particular interest in Historic motorsport.

Ian Hunt will be interviewed about the formation of the Club and its Speed Championship live on stage at Race Retro at 12-45pm on Friday 23rd February. NHSC will also have one of our championship cars exhibited on the Shelsley Walsh stand at the show.

Another of our venues opens for entries on Monday 12th February at 10am.

Prescott - Round 12 on 6th October

The Prescott booking system requires you to “register” as taking part in the NHSC Championship before you can book your entry. It might be best to do this before Monday if you can as it requires entry of a few details concerning car, etc, if you haven’t registered at Prescott before.


Latest News 27th January 2024

The Championship Permit has now been granted by MSUK. See the Regulations page for the published copy of the approved Championship Regulations. The only changes from the previous version are,

1 The Championship name has been amended, at MSUK’s request, to “National Historic Speed Club Championship”.

2 Again at MSUK’s suggestion, Class 3D Sports Libre – Saloons and Sportscars will comply with FIA Appendix K regulations or the current HSCC/HRSR Historic Road Sports Championship regulations. Previously this had read “2023 HSCC/HRSR Historic Road Sports Championship regulations”.


Three of our venues have already opened for entries. These are,

Shelsley Walsh – Round 1 on the 14th April

Gurston Down – Rounds 5 and 6th on the 6th and 7th July

Loton Park – Rounds 9 and 10 on 3rd and 4th August

These are all likely to be sell out events and so we would urge you to enter as soon as possible to ensure you get a place. We have our own separate class at each event, so make sure you enter the listed NHSC class. This will ensure we are placed together in the paddock and run is sequence as a group.


The HRCR Open Day was very successful for us. We fielded a large number of enquiries and provided more than 30 registration forms to prospective competitors.

Latest News Updated 4nd January 2024

NHSC will be represented at the Historic Rally Car Register Open Day at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon on Saturday 13th January. Look out for our table in the main auditorium where there will be the opportunity to ask questions about and to register for the championship.

This Link to HRCR.CO.UK for more details of the Open Day. Entry is free

Latest News Updated 2nd January 2024

Press Release issued see PRESS RELEASE heading left.

Latest News Updated 16th December 2023

There have been a number of exciting developments since the last update.

Firstly, we have a new Honorary President. The legendary race driver, John Fitzpatrick. A short bio of John’s fantastic racing career appears elsewhere on this website, but suffice to say, we are honoured and delighted that John has agreed to act as our Club President.

Honorary President John Fitzpatrick Link

Secondly, Hagerty UK has agreed to be the championship’s headline sponsor. We look forward to working with them to bring a number of benefits to our members over the coming season.

Thirdly, Christianne Ireland (daughter of Innes Ireland, the famous F1 driver) has generously agreed to provide the Club with one of the cups which Innes won during his racing career, to act as a perpetual trophy awarded each year to the Combined Overall winner of the National historic Speed Championship. It was the availability of this prestigious trophy that led us to develop the idea of an overall winner. The overall winner will be identified by combining points scored in both the Speed Championship and the PB Cup. Christianne will be trying to win back the cup by competing in our championship!

Christianne has also founded a charity called the Ireland Motorsport Charity, which we will be supporting. This charity is about encouraging and assisting young people to become involved with motorsport in all its aspects, not just driving. More about this in due course when the charity has been formally launched.

Fourthly, I am pleased to report that the Bugatti Owners Club has agreed to invite us to compete at Prescott on 6th October 2024. This will therefore be the final round of our season and means we now have a twelve round calendar confirmed.

Fifthly, and most importantly, our championship permit application was filed with MSUK yesterday, Friday 15th December

We also had our first Club Committee meeting last Monday. Whilst we necessarily covered a long list of topics, perhaps of most interest is that we decided to open membership and championship registration applications on Saturday 13th January. This coincides with the HRCR Open Day at Gaydon, where we will have a table to try and attract championship entries from the former HRCR Speed Championship competitors and other HRCR members who might be interested.

It is unlikely that there will be a further news update before Christmas and so your committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and successful New Year.

Latest News Updated 5th December 2023

23rd June Mallory Park (Sheffield & Hallamshire) is now Confirmed see CALENDAR

Latest News Updated 30th November 2023

Two pieces of great news.

Firstly NHSC has been granted recognition by Motorsport UK.

Secondly, Shelsley Walsh has generously found a way of squeezing us into their busy event schedule and so we now have a round there on 14th April. This will probably be our season opening round. There is a test day at Shelsley the day before, so what better way to warm up for the season kick off!?

Other news is that we are now confirmed at Goodwood for the 5th May.

In view of the above confirmations we have added the draft calendar of events to the appropriate page of the website.

Latest News updated 18th November 2023

Championship Regulations (which are subject to formal approval by MSUK) are now available to view on the relevant website page.

It has been decided to add classes for pre ’77 FIA Appendix K cars following a number of expressions of interest. One will be for Minis only and these cars will compete for The Sporting Minis Cup provided by Pete Flanagan. The other App K class will be for other saloons and sportscars running to these rules

Latest news updated 9th November 2023

The objection period for recognition by the Welsh Association of Motor Clubs has expired without any objections being received.

The objection period for NHSC’s application for recognition by Motorsport UK commenced on 30th October when it was posted on their website seeking any objections.

Dates at Gurston Down are now confirmed (6th/7th July).

Shelsley Walsh has said it does not have a date it can offer as its calendar is already full. This is disappointing but there are better prospects for 2025.

Confirmation is still outstanding from Prescott.

The Historic Rally Car Register has decided not to run its Speed Championship in 2024. An agreement has been reached between NHSC and HRCR whereby HRCR members will be encouraged to join this championship if they are running a pre 77 car. HRCR will provide two trophies for the highest placed HRCR members in their Category 1 (pre 68 cars) and Category 2 (01.01.68 to 31.12.74 cars) classes.

East Devon Law has agreed to sponsor the scratch based championship, now called the Speed Championship.

NHSC – the club for historic hillclimb and sprinting