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Base starting point

1. Where a competitor has previously competed at a relevant venue in the same car then the competitor’s fastest timed run, as recorded by the Venue’s official timing agent (Resultsman, etc), will be that competitor’s personal target time for the purposes of the PB Cup.

2. Only times set within the last 5 years will be referenced in 1 above.

3. If the performance of a car has been improved through modification since the time under 1 above was set then the driver’s Target Time will be set under the provisions of points 6 to 8 below.

4. If it is known the recorded fastest time was set in wet conditions and the current event is to be held in dry conditions, the Target Time will be set according to Guidelines 6 to 8 inclusive below.

5. A competitor’s target time set under these provisions will not be adjusted if the competitor beats that time in a practice run.

No previous time at a venue

6. Where a competitor does not have a personal best time recorded at a venue in their car entered in the championship the competitor’s target time will be based on the best time achieved on the competitor’s first two runs (whether treated by the event organisers as practice or timed) reduced by 1.5 sec for hill climb events and 2 secs for sprint events.

7. Where a competitor only completes one practice run because of a problem outside the competitor’s control, then that practice time will form the basis of the competitor’s target time, but reduced by 3 seconds

8. Where a competitor’s target time is set under any of the guidelines 6 to 7 above any improvement on that target time is limited to 3% or 1.5 seconds, whichever is the lesser (Championship Regulation 1.6.20).

General Provisions

9. The first two runs of any event will be treated as practice runs, even if the organisers stipulate only the first run is a practice run.

10. If the event comprises only three runs then the provisions in 6 to 9 above will still apply.



Explanatory Notes to Personal Target Times Guidelines

For many competitors this will be the first time they have competed in a Personal Target Time based championship. Equally, many competitors will not have competed at some of the venues included in the championship calendar. For these reasons the setting of Personal Target Times for this first season is likely to be a challenging process. We hope that competitors will understand that given the gaps in Personal Best Time data, the NHSC Committee has done its best to identify methods for setting target times in different scenarios based on data that is available. These methods will be reviewed and discussed with competitors at the end of the season with a view to learning any necessary lessons and making adjustments for following seasons.

Note 1 The Guidelines are to be read in conjunction with clauses 1.6.19 and 1.6.20 of the Championship Regulations

Note 2 The Guidelines have been drafted with the intention of removing any subjectivity from the Target Time setting process.

Note 3 Guideline 2 is intended to ensure that all competitors remain competitive. For instance, as competitors become older they may not be able to set times they achieved 20 years previously.

Note 4 Guideline 3 is included so as to avoid competitors gaining an advantage through improving the performance of their car (more engine power, etc).

Note 5 Personal Best times set in wet conditions are likely to be slower than if that event had been held in dry conditions. If the current event is held in dry conditions this would confer an advantage and so Guideline 4 is intended to eliminate this advantage.

Note 6 Guideline 6 assumes that a competitor new to a venue is likely to treat their first practice run as a “sighting” run and that their times will improve with subsequent runs. In setting the Target time after practice run 2, the reduction of 1.5 seconds is thought appropriate in order to discourage “sandbagging”.

Note 7 Guideline 7 is intended to cope with failed runs, mechanical difficulties which slow a car or baulking (as some organisers do not allow re runs in practice).


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