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1 Why are Classic Marques involved?

Under Motorsport UK rules, a new club cannot apply for a championship permit until it has existed for 2 years. A solution to this problem was cleared with MSUK whereby Classic Marques will apply for the championship permit and delegate the running of the championship to NHSC. We are very grateful to Classic Marques for agreeing to do this.

Also, given the practical difficulties and time delays faced by a newly constituted club in opening a bank account it has been agreed with Classic Marques that NHSC receipts and payments will be carried out through its bank account for the time being. Ian Beningfield acts as treasurer for Classic Marques and is also now treasurer for NHSC. Ian has set up strict controls to ensure that the two clubs monies are separately identifiable and he will report to the NHSC Committee each month in that respect. NHSC will establish its own banking arrangements as soon as is practical.

2 Why did you choose the particular venues the championship will compete at?

Firstly, being a historic series we have tried to arrange rounds that are held at historic venues. Secondly, this is a national (English) championship and events have been chosen that give us geographical coverage of the country. Thirdly, we have tried to arrange the calendar so that there is an even split between north and south with a couple of events in the middle to help reduce travel distances.

3 Why is the cut-off date 31st December 1976?

The championship is all about celebrating Historic Motorsport through competition in Historic Vehicles that seek to preserve the specification of their period. Cars which are either original competition cars or cars built to exactly the same specification as models with national or international competition history complying with the rules of the period.

Historic Vehicles (non-Rally) are recognised in the Motorsport UK Yearbook through Period Defined Vehicle classes A to H. NHSC has decided to focus on the post war period for vehicles constructed from 1st January 1947 through to 31st December 1976. This last date is the end date for Historic Vehicles as defined by MSUK.

4 Why are there two championships?

Not everyone has the equipment or the other attributes to compete for fastest outright time. The PB Cup is an alternative personal handicap competition which encourages individual competitors to improve their own times and potentially be rewarded for both consistency and improvement.

5 Why do we need to have information displayed on our cars in the paddock?

Most existing championships are all about the competitors and pay little regard for the spectators who come to watch us. Displaying information about your cars is part of our intention to engage more with spectators, giving them a better experience and thereby giving something back to our sport.

Competitors have always, in the main, been happy to chat with spectators as they wander around the paddock and this requirement is not intended to inhibit this. However, we are not always with our cars in the paddock or we may be not have chance to share all the details about our cars and its history.

6. Does the class structure in the Speed Championship also apply to the PB Cup?

No. The class structure is only relevant to the East Devon Law Speed Championship.

7. I am not sure if my car complies with the technical regulations. What should I do?

In the first instance please send in details of which aspects of your car you are concerned about. Please be as specific and concise as you can be. One of the NHSC technical/eligibility team will then determine the best way to respond to you. This will normally be by email, but might also be to arrange a telephone conversation if the matter is unclear or complicated. We would encourage registered competitors to raise any such queries before the first event if possible in order to help the smooth running of the championship.

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